Celebrating Growth: Establishing the ALHF Board, Launching a Campaign and More!

What an exciting year it has been for the American Latino Heritage Fund of the National Park Foundation! With full support from the National Park Foundation, we continue our commitment to telling a more inclusive history of America, and inspiring a nationwide movement to engage the Latino community in visiting and exploring our country’s national parks.

As we near the completion of our second year this fall, I am thrilled to report that we are solidifying an infrastructure that will ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Fund for years to come. With that said, I am proud to formally announce the American Latino Heritage Fund’s founding members of its Board of Trustees. They are an impressive group of individuals whom I deeply respect, and with whom I am honored to serve alongside.

As a whole, the National Park Foundation continues its work to reach new and diverse communities through a variety of existing efforts to bring the people to the parks, and the parks to the people. To build on this effort, the Fund recently launched an exciting summer campaign that seeks to engage diverse audiences to explore America’s national parks and learn about the historic contributions Latinos have made to these treasured places. It is a unique and fresh campaign that I am very proud of and it has been very well received since its launch last month. (You will learn more about it below!)

This collective work, its impact and the projected expansion of ALHF cannot be done without the financial support of corporate sponsors and philanthropic foundations, which are becoming involved in the Fund’s efforts.

I am a big believer, however, that the power to cement change within the Latino community must also come from our very own individual pocket books. Applying our dollars toward organizations and causes we believe in ensures a new level of influence that not only empowers that organization or cause to continue its work, but demonstrates our community’s collective wealth and national influence at large.

Please take a few moments to provide your charitable contribution to the American Latino Heritage Fund, so that we may continue this work and commitment to telling and sharing a more complete and inclusive American story.


Midy Aponte
Executive Director
American Latino Heritage Fund


  American Latinos and the Making of America: A Theme Study  
  American Latino Heritage Fund at the National Council of La Raza Conference  
  Announcing the Fund's Founding Board of Trustees   Calling All Bloggers! You Could Win A National Park Adventure!

Announcing the Fund's Founding Board of Trustees

We are proud to announce the appointment of five founding members to the Fund’s Board of Trustees. Members of the Board of Trustees will support the Fund in sustaining a concentrated strategy that secures revenue sources for the Fund while elevating its national presence and demonstrating tangible outcomes that point to its impact in the Latino community.

“We’re thrilled by the support and enthusiasm our Trustees bring to the American Latino Heritage Fund,” said Neil Mulholland, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “The National Park Foundation remains committed to telling the diverse history of America and engaging new audiences in stewardship of our cultural, natural and historical treasures. With the appointment of these Trustees, we remain confident that we are on the right path.”

Our Founding Trustees include:

Silvia R. Aldana, Manager of Political and Federal Affairs, PG&E Corporation
Nolbert Chavez, Principal, The Capitol Success Group
Ron Estrada, Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Events (IME), National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
Miguel Ferrer, Executive Producer, Digital, ABC News - Univision Joint Venture (Fusion)
Norma Vega, Senior Advocacy Consultant, Ibarra Strategy Group

Please join us in welcoming them on board and celebrating their involvement! We look forward to collaborating with Board Trustees and setting a powerful agenda for the next phase in our development.

Calling All Bloggers! You Could Win A National Park Adventure!

We’re excited to announce that last month we launched the @American_Latino Expedition, a summertime adventure to encourage diverse audiences to visit, explore and enjoy America’s national parks!  

Through a partnership with ARAMARK Parks and Destinations and REI, ALHF is hosting a national search for bloggers to participate in one of three national park journeys! The @American_Latino Expedition will feature trips to Olympic National Park, Mesa Verde National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Each trip will focus on education, park stewardship, outdoor recreation and exploration, all the while highlighting historic American Latino contributions at each site.

Are you a blogger? There is still time left to get your application in! All bloggers are invited to apply through June 14, 2013. Apply today for your chance to participate in this incredible opportunity on our website. To follow the @American_Latino Expedition on Twitter and Instagram, please use the hashtag #ALEx13.

American Latinos and the Making of America:
A Theme Study

In April, the National Park Service released “American Latinos and the Making of the United States: A Theme Study.” Supported by ALHF, in its role within NPS’ American Latino Heritage Initiative, the theme study marks a concerted effort by the National Park Service to tell a more inclusive story of American Latinos’ historic contributions to the U.S. This effort strives to better document important places, buildings and landscapes where historic events unfolded with the intent to bring these sites into the National Historic Landmarks Program.

The theme study is organized under four major sub-headings: Making the Nation, Making a Life, Making a Living and Making a Democracy. Chapters include:

Historic Overview of Latino Immigration and Demographic Transformation of the United States
Coming Home to Salsa: Latino Roots of American Food
American Science, American Medicine, and American Latinos

This groundbreaking publication is especially timely as an enhanced focus is made to accurately document an inclusive story of American history across the national park system. Upon a review by the National Historic Landmarks Committee to analyze the composition of more than 2,500 National Historic Landmarks, the committee found that less than eight percent of designated landmarks specifically represented the stories of Native Americans, African Americans, American Latinos, Asian Americans, women, and other under-represented groups. ALHF is committed to supporting the National Park Service in redressing this imbalance by funding the nominations of buildings, sites, landscapes and places that meet NHL criteria.

American Latino Heritage Fund at the National Council of La Raza Conference

The Fund has partnered with Friends of the Latino Museum and PBS Project LATINO AMERICANS to host a panel discussion that will highlight the historic contributions of American Latinos to the nation at this year’s National Council of La Raza’s Annual Conference in New Orleans. Moderated by Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for PBS NewsHour, panelists for the discussion will include: Midy Aponte, Executive Director of the American Latino Heritage Fund; Adriana Bosch, Series Producer for LATINO AMERICANS; Maria Cardona, Board Member for FRIENDS of the Latino Museum; Eduardo Diaz, Executive Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center; Dolores Huerta, Founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation; and Stephen Pitti, Professor of American Studies & History and Master of Ezra Stiles College at Yale University. If you plan on attending the Conference, please join us on Sunday, July 21 at 1:30pm. You can also follow the conversation online using the hashtags #NCLR13 and #Historia.

Special thanks to Ron Estrada of NCLR, Estuardo Rodriguez and Francella Chinchilla at The Raben Group and the extended team at WETA for their invaluable support, enthusiasm and partnership on this effort.

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